GEVA Theatre

75 Woodbury Blvd, Rochester, NY 14607

Box Office: 585-232-Geva (4382)

Rochester Broadway Theatre League
 (auditorium Theatre)​​

Box Office: (585) 222-5000

  885 E Main St, Rochester, NY   14605

 Cinema  (Movie)Theaters and  Assitive Listening Systems

Thanks to the ADA, Movie Theaters must provide some type of Assitive Listening System. They may use one of several captioning devices,  or use assitive devices. When planning on going to a movie theatre check their listing or use one of the links below to find out what type of listen service is provided.

It is important that those who need hearing assistance ask for and use the system available. If a system or deivice is not working (batteries often don't get replaced or recharged), speak with the manager! Don't be shy. Remember when you advocate for yourself you are an advocate for others as well. It's important that those in charge know we expect to have working systems and devices. A "thank you" will be appreciated as well.

Use the link below to locate Cinemas and other theaters which have assitive devices.

There are many resources on the Web that will help you learn how to use Assistive Listening Systems. This is one Website to help you get started.

Note: Documents will download to your computer

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