Tuesday, September 11 - Daytime meeting 11:00am-1:00pm Parish Hall Speaker begins at noon.

Audiology in Zambia with John J. McNamara, AuD

One sole audiologist serves the 15 million inhabitants of Zambia, formerly Rhodesia, located in Southern Africa. John. McNamara, AuD, owner of Ontario Hearing Centers, participates in "Entheos," an organization focusing on humanitarian services locally and in third world countries with a philosophy of "giving back." He describes Entheos's mission in Zambia--identifying hearing problems and providing audiology services and hearing aids when necessary.

Dr. McNamara has worked with the hearing impaired population for over 35 years. He received his AuD in 2006.He has owned Ontario Hearing Centers since 1990, with offices in Brighton and Gates and a satellite office in Pen Yan.   

Tuesday, September 11 - Evening meeting 7:00-9:00pm Parish Hall Speaker begins at 8:00pm.

Aproach to Tinnitus and Dizziness with Paul Dutcher, MD

Tinnitus is the perception of sound when no actual external sound is present. According to the America Tinnitus Association, an estimated 50 million Americans suffer from some form of it.

Dr. Dutcher, associated with the Rochester HLAA chapter since its inception, explains tinnitus and its management. He will also present his approach to "dizziness."

He has been on the faculty at University of Rochester Medicine since 1983, having obtained his internship and residency here with a fellowship in otology/neurotology at the House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles. Many HLAA members are or have been his patients.

All HLAA programs are free. Anyone interested in hearing loss is welcome. For more information, view the Chapter web site at or telephone 585 266 7890. Those needing a sign language interpreter for an evening meeting should contact Linda Siple at 585 788 6744 a week in advance. Please note, this phone is only for those needing an interpreter.

The Rochester Chapter is a dynamic group of individuals working together as a team. HLAA has a support network of organizations: Bethesda, MD, state organizations, and local chapters.

HLAA Rochester Chapter meetings are held in the Parish Hall at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, East Avenue at 25 Westminster Road, across from the George Eastman House Museum.

Those needing a sign language interpreter for an evening meeting should contact Linda Siple at 585 788 6744 a week in advance. *
*Please note, this phone is only for those needing an interpreter.
Tues., October 2nd, The CI Group 1:30-2:30, following the Daytime Chapter Meeting


By Janet McKenna, MLS

Is a cochlear implant a possibility in your hearing journey? Cochlear implants help adults with severe to profound hearing loss or children 12 months or older with moderate to profound hearing loss not receiving sufficient benefit from hearing aids.

Find out more about one manufacturer at the Tuesday, October 2 meeting. The semiannual meeting is set for 1:30pm in the Parish Hall of
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, East Avenue at Westminster Road, Rochester 14607, opposite the George Eastman Museum. It follows the routine HLAA chapter meeting.

Lisa Lamson, Au.D. and Megan Frey, representing Cochlear Americas Corporation, will introduce the company's new sound processors as well as wireless accessories accompanying the implant. They will explain the mechanics of implants.

Cochlear implants are implantable devices which directly stimulate the auditory nerve. When hearing loss becomes too profound for hearing aids to manage, cochlear implants can be an option enabling patients from toddlers to seniors to hear.

For more information, please visit the company web site, or contact Ginger Graham at