About Us
HLAA Rochester is a nonprofit Section 501(c)(3) , tax -exempt, volunteer educational corporation. We are in compliance with the policies and provisions of the National Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), organization.
Our  HLAA Chapter is one of the oldest and most experienced Chapters in the country. We were founded in 1984. Our Chapter members are from Rochester, the surrounding area, and those with ties locally. All of us are concerned about the issues surrounding living with hearing loss.
We have an active enthusiastic membership, including parents of children with hearing loss, people in the workforce, students, those who are retired, family members and many who provide services to those of us who don’t hear well.

The Rochester Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America shares the mission of our National HLAA Organization. We work at the ​local level:​ "To Open the World of Communication to People with Hearing Loss by Providing Information, Education, Support and Advocacy." ​

We accomplish this Mission through our award winning Newsletter, presentations to outside organizations and groups, personal interactions, social and print media, through our website and individual advocacy.

We advocate for communication access to locations and events in our community and beyond. We promote the use of assistive listening systems, we communicate with legislators, and often participate in appropriate studies and research that  furthers the understanding of hearing loss.
HLAA Rochester Chapter Organizational Structure​​


Board President:
Susanne Johnston
Board Vice
Art Maurer
Recording Secretary:
Board of Directors /PAC:
Stuart  Loewenstein

Corresponding Secretary:​
​Carol Loftus
Immediate Past President:
Dan Brooks
   HLAA Rochester Chapter Board Members
July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

BOARD MEMBERS:    Henry Adler, Ph.D., Steven Barnett, M.D., Dan Brooks, Mary Chizuk, Margaret Cochran,Tom Corteville, CPA, John Eckhardt, Ph.D., Lorin Gallistel, Ph.D. Barbara Gates, Jennifer Hurlburt, Suzanne Johnston, Charles Johnstone, Barbara Law, Carol Loftus, Gerry Loftus, Stuart Loewenstein, Art Maurer, Sue Miller, Bruce Nelson, Al Suffredini, Chris Suffredini

    Honorary Board Members:  Jeannette Kanter, & Joe Kozelsky
    Past Honorary Board Member:  Joe Damico
Professional Advisory Committee  "PAC"
 HLAA Rochester is fortunate to have an eight member Professional Advisory Committee (PAC), who give of their time and talents to work with our Chapter.   
The members of the PAC Committee represent a diverse  group of professionals who help the Chapter by providing their professional guideance and are encourged to become involved in an area of their interest. 

Our Current PAC Members are:

Kristen Nolan, Chair; Art Maurer, Board Liaison
   2017 – ’19: Tamala David, Ph.D..; Jim DeCaro, Ph. D Christine Olivier Peter Reeb

 2018 – ’20: Emily Krohn, Ralph Meranto, Nicholas Sprague, Kathy Foster/Suzanne Johnston

Members of the Rochester Chapter of HLAA understand the importance of sharing our knowledge, experience, and understanding with others who live with hearing loss. 
We also know those with normal hearing often feel frustrated and impatient when interacting with people who don’t hear well. We are available to provide information about what it’s like to have a hearing loss and provide 
guidance and suggestions to improve communication for everyone impacted by loss of hearing.

We provide direction for those wanting to install assisted listening systems in houses of worship, business meeting and conference rooms, as well as facilities that provide entertainment.

​We distribute informational brochures, pamphlets and other resource information at health fairs and other events. In addition, our Rochester Chapter provides presentations on a number of topics pertaining to hearing loss. We work with agencies, libraries, and senior living facilities as well as other organizations and groups who request information or guidance. We create presentations, which will focus on a particular topic, upon request.
Please call us or send an email for more information. By working together we can promote understanding and facilitate communication between those people who hear well, and those whose hearing is less than ideal. ​​

Contact us for more information! ​​

HLAA Students & Young Adults
If you have a hearing loss, are deaf, or are hearing and interested in promoting the mission of this group, please join our new group. Our sub-committee is open to high-school to college-age students and young adult recently graduated. Our goal is to develop community awareness of hearing loss and to promote access for those people with hearing loss.

 Call 585-266-7890 and leave a message for Suzanne Johnston, or send an email to [email protected] for further information and to apply for the opportunity to be a part of this exciting group!