The Rochester Chapter is a dynamic group of individuals working together as a team. Please join us; we welcome visitors and members alike!

Our meetings feature a Hearing Loop system and open captions. See below for Interpreter information
For more information and questions Contact Us via email or call:585 266 7890.​

HOPE  session Tuesday, January 7 : 10:00am--Vestry Room​​

HOPE (Hearing Other People's Experiences) With Suzanne Johnston. Join in a roundtable discussion about hearing loss. Share your hearing loss experiences, exchange information and obtain answers to many of your questions. Open to all those with hearing loss and those interested in finding out more about some of the issues that concern those with hearing difficulty.

DAYTIME MEETING Tuesday January 7

11:00am-1:00pm Parish Hall. Speaker begins at noon

What is listening effort? The emotional and mental fatigue of hearing with Laura Arney

Your hearing loss forces you to work hard to understand social conversations! How is it that we make sense of the words we hear? Laura Arney will present a beginners’ overview of mental processes involved in hearing loss, specifically the mental effort and stresses weighing on the person with hearing loss attempting to listen to conversation. These concepts were introduced to her at the June 2019 HLAA convention in “The listening effort experience of adults with hearing loss,” a dissertation by Alison Marinelli Ph.D
Holder of a BS in biology, Laura worked as a water quality lab technician with Monroe County from 1998-2008. She has managed her hearing loss for about thirty years.

EVENING MEETING Tuesday December 3

   7:00-9:00pm    Parish Hall.  Speaker begins at 8:00pm

Hearing Other People's Experiences (HOPE) with Suzanne Johnston MA, CCC/SLP

Until tonight HOPE interactive discussion was a daytime HLAA phenomenon. Tonight chapter president Suzanne Johnston will moderate the same Hearing Other People’s Experiences for chapter members attending the evening meeting.

Prospective, new, or experienced hearing aid users can share their experiences, questions, and hearing loss journeys in an informal round table discussion. Participation is free form with input from hearing loss peers. It is especially valuable for newcomers to hearing loss and those adjusting to their new world of not hearing well.

Suzanne Johnston is a speech/language pathologist in private practice. She has worked with deaf and hard of hearing individuals throughout her career and recently began losing her own hearing. Co-founder of the Aphasia Support Group at Nazareth College, she also is a Deacon for Deaf Ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester. A long time member and friend of HLAA Rochester, Suzanne is the chapter president for 2019-20.
HLAA Rochester Chapter meetings are held in the Parish Hall at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, East Avenue at 25 Westminster Road, across from the George Eastman House Museum.

Those needing a sign language interpreter for an evening meeting should contact Linda Siple at 585 788 6744 a week in advance. *
*Please note, this phone number is only for those needing an interpreter.