By Sue Miller

We’ll all have the chance to come together on Tuesday, May 21st 2019  for the Annual Dinner of the Rochester Chapter of HLAA.  From 6:00 to 9:00 pm, we’ll get to know our scholarship winners and their families.  And, recognize just some of the people who make a difference to our Chapter in the Rochester area by presenting three awards.

The Cobblestone Creek Country Club has done a superb job in past years with service, hearing accessibility and scrumptious food. You will enjoy being part of this fabulous evening!

Please sign up by Thursday, May 16th  using the form included here.   We hope to see you there!

Please join us!   Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Cobblestone Creek Country Club  100 Cobble Creek Road, Victor, NY 14564 6:00 to 9:00 P.M.
Spouses/guests welcome!
Menu choices:

(1)   Grilled Flank Steak – Mushroom Marsala sauce                     –whipped potatoes & asparagus
(2)   Chicken French in Lemon/Sherry/Butter sauce –whipped potatoes & asparagus
(3)   3-Cheese Manicotti –house made Marinara

House Salad, and Strawberry Shortcake  $26.00 per person (includes tax & gratuity)

Questions? Please email, or call, Sue Miller at [email protected]; or phone,585-924-8933.

Our chapter has a number of Committees in which you may be interested. Members are welcome to sit in on a meeting to see if it suits your interests. None of the committees require a huge committement. Contact us to find out more about the committees we may find a match. Interacting with other people with hearing loss where communication is taken into consideration can be a big stress reliever.

Feel free to sit in on a will be welcome and not be pressured!


Comments and Answers to Questions From Members of the Cochlear Implant Group

   Responses from  Chapter Member John Eckhardt

Q. Did the nature of sounds/speech when your CI is first activated and if so did that changed over time?

A.When my CI was activated virtually all sounds sounded like static. I had a very difficult time recognizing what the sounds were and their location. All voices sounded similar and had a cartoonish quality. Improvement began rapidly and within a few weeks the results were stunning. I continued to improve for the next 12-18 months. I practiced hearing using the radio, tapes and discs and within a few months was able to function at a much higher level than I had at anytime using hearing aids.

Q.   What was your hearing like after your implant compared to using hearing aids?

A. For me, the CI has been a great leap forward from hearing aids. With it, I function very much as I did prior to experiencing hearing loss. I’m completely confident in almost any situation.

Q. Although this may difficult to know, do you feel there is a difference in the way you are treated by hearing people when they know you have a CI compared to a HA. Of course if the HA and the CI aren’t visible this question may not be answered but family and close friends would know.

A. People who know me, family and friends etc. don’t hesitate to engage me in almost any situation. Previously, when I used hearing aids, they often avoided interacting with me because they knew how difficult it was for me[and them]

Meet others with hearing loss. Become involved in the Chapter to your level of comfort and time.

Are you interested in meeting other Chapter Members? Would you like to help other people with Hearing Loss?

You are always welcome to come to any of our Committee meetings and our Assistive Listening Device Demonstration Center to find out more of what goes on "behind the scenes". There is no commitment to join any committee, participate at any level....or not. There is no obligation!

Contact us for more information.

 Board of Directors Refreshment Schedule 2018-2019

August: NA​​

September 18, 2018 :   Stuart Lowenstein  Art Maurer  Sue Miller

October 9, 2018: Bruce Nelson   Al Suffredini   Chris Suffredini

November 13, 2018: Henry Adler   Steve Barnett   Dan Brooks

December 11, 2018:  Mary Chizuk  Margaret Cochran  Carmen Coleman

January 15, 2019:  Elise dePapp  John Eckhardt  Barbara Gates

February 12, 2019:  Michelle Gross   Suzanne Johnston  Charlie Johnstone

March 12, 2019:  Barbara Law  Carol Loftus  Gerry Loftus

April 9, 2019: Stuart Lowenstein  Art Maurer  Michelle Gross

May 14, 2019: Bruce Nelson  Al Suffredini  Chris Suffredini

June 11, 2019: Henry Adler  Steve Barnett  Dan Brooks

If you are unable to bring refreshments to any meetings, please

feel free to change with another board member.

Professional Advisory Refreshment Schedule 2018-2019

October 16, 2018: Mary Chizuk       Margaret Cochran    Carmen Coleman

January 22, 2019:  Elise dePapp        John Eckhardt          Barbara Gates

April 16, 2019:       Sue Miller            Suzanne Johnston   Charlie Johnstone

If you are unable to bring refreshments to any meetings, please feel free to change with another board member    ​​

Calendar Information

Note that members can bring matters to the Board of Directors attention and can attend meetings. Only elected Board of Directors may vote.
  April/May Member Meeting Calendar ​​

Tues. April 9  BOD (Board of Directors) 7-9pm – Al Sigl Center, Elmwood Ave.

Thurs. April 16 PAC (Professional Advisory) 7-9 pm, Al Sigl Center Elmwood Ave.
Tues., May 14th  - BOD – 7-9pm – Al Sigl Center

Tues., May 21st –Annual Dinner – 6-9pm –See above

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Meet and enjoy the company of others of your age who have hearing loss.

The Student Board of HLAA-Rochester works to
serve as a means to unite and support students and
youth who are deaf and/or hard-of-hearing, and their families. The Student Board welcomes high-school 
and college-age students who are deaf and/or HOH,
as well as youth who are interested and involved in
serving those with hearing loss.

If you know of any students who may be interested in    joining this group, please contact Suzanne Johnston, HLAA-Rochester Student Board Liaison at    [email protected]