Here are some additional things that can be done to hear the TV better

Use the Closed Captioning (CC) on the TV.  This too, is free and easy to do.  Closed Captioning is available on every TV.  Check the manual for directions.

The Closed Captioning can be difficult to get used to at first because is often covers part of the picture and because people are tempted to read every word.  But after a week or so, it becomes second nature. 
The Closed Caption feature is one of the very best things to do to keep in touch with the TV as hearing goes down. 
Almost all rented movies have Closed Captioning

Install a remote speaker near your chair.  Check with your audio supply store. 

Install a mini induction loop.   Check with you hearing aid provider for assistance.

Use a Bluetooth Streaming system.   Check with your hearing aid provider for assistance.

Use a head-set type listener.  While they can be annoying to use because it is hard to hear others in the room, they are easy to operate and readily available.  Check with your hearing aid provider or look on-line.

Use an FM System.   Can be somewhat expensive but cab provide a great listening experience.  Check with your hearing aid provider.

For advice and information about TV listening, visit the Rochester HLAA Assistive Device demonstration Center at Loehmann’s Plaza in Brighton.  

Use your smart phone.   Check with your hearing aid provider for assistance.

Finally, explore the various smart phone Apps available.  Be aware though that they come and go and some are better than others and there will be more almost every week.